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Ganoderma Mushroom Plugs


Ganoderma aka “Reishi” or “Ling Chi” may be difficult to cultivate

Temperature requirements for fruiting:
ranges between 70 to 80 degrees F

Reishi Plugs: The Reishi mushroom can increase the production of interleukin1 and 2, resulting in inhibition of tumor growth. Studies show that Reishi can have a number of other positive effects on the body such as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-viral (through its interferon production), lowers blood pressure. It also acts as a cardio tonic by lowering serum and increasing the production of interleukin 1 and 2, which results in inhibition of tumor cholesterol, expectorant, anti-tissue, liver protecting and detoxifying, protection against ionizing radiation, antibacterial, and anti-HIV activity.

Will grow on a wide range of hardwood logs & stumps and some conifers: oak, elm, maple, sycamore, beech, plum, peach, hemlock, and many others. Logs may be laid on their side & partially buried.

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Product Description

Log and Stump Inoculation

  • Sterilized birch plugs are grooved and fully colonized by pure mushroom mycelium
  • These sterilized birch plugs are grooved and fully colonized by pure mushroom mycelium

These Plug Spawn comes complete with user-friendly instructions. All strains grow & fruit in a wide range of climates. Plugs may be refrigerated for up to 6 months before use.

Approximately 100 plugs are needed to inoculate 3 logs 4 - 6 inches in diameter and 3 to 4 feet in length. The best times for cutting the logs are either in the winter months for spring inoculation or after July 15 for mid-summer or fall inoculation.

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Ganaderma / Reishi Plugs

Reishi Plugs – 100 ea, Reishi Plugs – 300 ea.