One Pound Cheese Wax


Cheese wax is used to seal in mushroom plugs once the log has been inoculated with mushroom plug spawn. It can be dripped on or applied with a small foam brush, baster, cotton daubers or other such applicators. One pound of cheese wax will cover 8 – 16 logs @ 30 plugs per log. 1. Hammer/Tap the plugs into the holes in your logs. 2. Cover the plugs with the cheese wax. To do this, melt the wax in a pan which can be maintained at 300 F. An electric frying pan with a thermostat control works well for this. If inoculating away from electricity, using a camp stove, make sure that the wax is hot when you apply it; otherwise, the wax will not create a tight seal and can easily fall off. The wax can be applied with a foam paint brush or cotton dauber.


One Pound Cheese Wax to cover mushroom plugs once plugged into logs or stump. Apply a thin film on the spawn plug in each inoculation hole. This prevents spawn dehydration and insect damage. Sticks to the log and remains pliable even in coldest weather.