Shiitake Mushroom Grow Kits Reviews

2013 – 2014 Reviews of the GMHP’s Indoor Shiitake Mushroom Kit from Gardening How-To Magazine’s  – StuffStuff’s web site.  These reviews earned the National Home Gardening Club’s Member Tested & Recommended Seal of Approval

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Shiitake Mushroom Kits Reviews: Below are reviewers quotes as to what they thought of the indoor Gourmet Mushroom Products (GMHP) Shiitake Mushroom Grow Kit in their home *:

1) easy to use fun to track your progress and delicious to eat!!!!
2) I would recommend this mushroom growing kit for anyone, kids through adults. its pretty unique and rewarding when you harvest your first batch of mushrooms
3) It was easy to set up and started to produce mushrooms in a day and half.
4) it was very easy to set up. the instructions were easy to understand.
5) Watching your mushrooms grow before your eyes at such a quick rate is incredible. The taste and amount of mushrooms harvested makes searching the woods a thing of the past.
6) I recommend for the fact it is neat to watch it grow. This would be something neat for kids to watch and take care of with parental guidance.
7) I would recommend this product to others.It was fairly easy to get started and maintain. The volume of mushrooms produced was much greater than i expected.
8) If someone is interested in growing their own mushrooms this an excellent option. I also reviewed their website and they have several other species of mushrooms available to meet anyone’s need.
9) I would recomend this product for anyone that loves great tasting mushrooms in their meals. It is great to be able to easily grow your own knowing that they are quality and fresh.
10) If you like to have safe fresh mushrooms growing at your convenience this is the product for you
11) Does as advertised! Mushrooms strated growing immediately and I had a big handful of mushrooms within a week of starting the kit. Easy to follow directions.
12) I recommend this product because it was fun and easy to use. The mushrooms sprouted very quickly and my whole family enjoyed watching them grow.They grew very quickly and only required watering twice a day. I am someone who kills most plants and I had no trouble at all growing these. It is a foolproof process and the finished product was delicious.
13) My wife and I do not have much of a green thumb, using this mushroom log was very very simple to use and we did not even kill it.I stopped counting how many times I heard someone say “gross….”then as they grew and we ate them we all have a new appreciation for mushrooms. We have now wrapped the log up for storage and are anxious to start a second harvest.
14) It is really easy to use.If you love fresh mushrooms, then this is the product for you.
15) The instructions provided were very informative and easy to understand, had great results and I never attempted to grow mushrooms before.
16) Great for mushroom lovers and those who cook with mushrooms, they grow fast and are ready to harvest when you need them!
17) i recommond the product for its convience.
18) When the log arrived it already had small spores. So I didn’t wait long to harvest my first crop.
19) I would recommend buying this for the taste of the mushroom.. very very nice.. although would tell people to try to find one close to your house not online
20) I loved eating these delicious, fresh mushrooms!And, growing them was very simple and easy.
21) The Shitake mushroom kit worked great and we had mushrooms in no time!It so easy to do and the instructions were simple to follow.
22) with no prior mushroom growing experience, this product was very easy to setup and maintain, crop was ready to harvest in 6 days
23) This kit is a good starter introduction to mushroom growing. It is easy to do, fun, and does produce edible results. For those of us who would like more mushrooms, simply collect a spore sample from a few caps and inoculate a medium; the price tag you pay for this kit is what I have paid for liquid spore syringes in the past, with these kits at least you can make your own liquid spore syringes and get something to eat for the same price.
24) This is a fun product.It is fun to watch the mushrooms grow and was a good learning experience for my daughter.However, it is an expensive way to get mushrooms.
25) If you really like mushrooms then definitely buy this. Even if you just like to try growing some new things and have your own foods, this is a terrific way to try.
26) The main reasons for recommending this product: (1) ease of use; (2)organically grown; and (3) taste.
27) we love mushrooms and these are so easy to take care of
28) This is a great product for anyone that would like to learn to grow their own ingredients. It’s very user friendly, and came with very detailed instructions
29) Well, If you read all the instructions twice or more you will have a good batch of mushrooms. I was only reading the instructions as I went along. I missed the ‘SPORE’ section and just kept cleaning up the mess. Mushrooms didn’t curl under as stated.
30) This kit is very convenient and fun to use if you follow the directions as explained. It is a very basic kit and produced yummy mushrooms! Perfect flavor and texture!
31) Really fun and easy to grow.You can almost see it growing since it was noticable bigger each day
32) My grandkids love watching the mushrooms grow! The instructions are clear and easy to follow. There were already small buds growing and they have just proliferated profusely. I can’t wait to harvest my first mushrooms.
33) I recommend this mushroom kit for anyone whether novice or professional who appreciates fresh mushrooms in their meals.
34) This was so easy and fast. I loved it.
35) This mushroom kit was simple and easy to set up.It also was easy to maintain once set up.
36) This product is realy a no brainer just keep it watered and you get mushrooms everywhere.
37) If you like Mushrooms these are wonderful because they are the freshest you can get.If you have children it will be a lesson they will enjoy being part of.
38) I thought growing mushrooms would be a stinky,messy experience. It is quite the opposite,takes very little maintenance and they grow so quickly!
39) The mushrooms were very tasty and by the second day I had nearly 1/2 pound ready to eat or cook with. About 3/4 of the block was covered from top to bottom with harvest-size mushrooms.
40) I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to grow their own mushrooms. We really enjoyed watching the shooms grow right before our eyes.
41) There is a very quick set up to harvest time (within a week).And the results were amazing.The mushrooms are very tasty.
42) I would recommend the product to anyone wanting to grow their own mushrooms.The taste and texture of the mushrooms was incredible.
43) This is a COOL product. Grow your own mushrooms in no time at all. What a neat idea.
44) I recommend this product because it delivers great tasting shitake mushrooms in one week.Can be reused for another crop…completely green!
45) This was fun to grow and the mushrooms are still growing. It was easy to grow.
46) I really like the idea of growing my own mushrooms.
47) The mushrooms where easy to grow and harvest. I would recommend this product to anyone.
48) I would highly recommend this product for anyone who likes gourmet/medicinal mushrooms. These mushrooms are very abundant and we are enjoying our 4th flush. The flavor and texture of these mushrooms are excellent. Highly prized in our family.
49) I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes mushrooms or know someone who likes mushrooms for a gift. It is so easy to start.
50) this was not a very friendly product to use, I kept it out of direct sunlight but the item turned white and produce only a few mushrooms
51) While the cost is not any less than buying the mushrooms in the store, you are guaranteed that they are fresh.
52) Love it, with its ease of use it makes for a great conversationpiece
53) I would recommend it because it was really alot of fun to grow mushrooms at home.But it wasn’t cost effective.
54) easy to take care, prolific
55) the mushrooms grew very fast and I was eating them within 10 days
56) Instructions were detailed and easy to follow.
57) Great product. Easy to grow. Quick to produce. Compostable when exhausted.
58) lets you grow your own mushrooms
59) The end result is worth the extra work needed to assemble and get the fungus growing. To have fresh shrooms in the house is a very nice delight.
60) I would recommend this product as it is fun to watch grow and worth the $20 in mushrooms.
61) I do recommend this product for a fun family project.Results were quick and fun to watch.And tasty!
62) This kit was super easy to use, essentially you just water it like a plant. Once it is all setup you just wait a few days and you have fresh mushrooms.
63) I would recommend this product to anyone who has their own home garden or even anyone who just grows their own herbs. if you like fresh mushrooms well you can’t get any fresher than this and the taste is out of this world!
64) It is a great product for anyone. Especially people concerned about how & where their food is grown. For the chef, freshness at their finger tips. Doesn’t get any better than that!!
65) I would recommend this product for anyone that likes mushrooms.They were big and plentiful with no work save from a little water. Truly well worth the cost.
66) This mushroom log performed right as described, the quality of the mushrooms it produced were excellent.Instructions that came with the log were excellent and very easy to follow.

*Winter 2013/2014 Question: Describe your main reasons for recommending the product (Shiitake Mushroom Kit).